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TOXIQUE are a project, which links their complex musical perfection and perspective to an exquisite art show that has long since become the epitome of the true meaning of the phrase "pop music". The band is, thanks to its uniquely personal style, an integral part of the international club scene and a permanent guest on festival stages and TV shows. The great popularity now enjoyed by the band has been achieved by their overlaps into the world of fashion and design and a tireless search for ways to collaborate with the best in those fields. Recently, TOXIQUE performed at the presentation of Czech culture at the international Expo in Shanghai. Having created a unique-genre project with the design studio Najbrt, the tour promoting the second album was rounded off by a series of 50 concerts throughout the Czech Republic and the UK. After several months of attending parties, TOXIQUE issued their third studio album under the title Tips For Grown Up Kids. The sound of the new album has been left with an indelible mark by their new experiences with Djing (the band always includes DJ sets in their concerts). For listening to the new album, TOXIQUE add: "This album is recommended listening with your hands held high above you and in the company of your most depraved friends!”